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Swedescreen HPV trial update

This week''s Journal Of the National Cancer Institute carries an article reporting from the intervention arm of SWEDESCREEN - a population-based randomized trial of HPV DNA testing as a cervical screening strategy.

Primary screening with HPV DNA testing followed by cytological triage and repeat screening for persistent HPV infection had a considerably higher sensitivity for detecting high-grade neoplasia. Compared with cytology alone, this strategy resulted in a 34% increase in the sensitivity to detect CIN2+ lesions and a 30% increase in the sensitivity to detect CIN3+ lesions without decreasing the PPVs. This strategy resulted in a only a 12% increase in the number of screening tests, compared with cytology alone.

The researchers conclude that "primary HPV DNA–based screening with cytology triage and repeat HPV DNA testing of cytology-negative women appears to be the most feasible cervical screening strategy."