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Second Carter report acknowledges need for research in NHS

Quote from the report of the second phase of the Independent review of NHS Pathology services in England:

"84. In the past one of the strengths of the NHS has been the interrelationship between service provision and research. For example, the use of human biological samples, collected via the pathology laboratory, has been central to the success of much experimental medicine (itself a priority area within health). With a growing focus on service delivery, and in a more cost-conscious culture, there is evidence that the scope for researchers to gain access to such material via the pathology laboratory is becoming more difficult.

85. Such a trend is not in the long-term interests of the NHS – or of patients. We support those who wish to see research embedded into the new ways of working. We welcome the proposal to set up a working group to foster the contribution of pathology services to research. This is an issue that extends beyond pathology but in consolidating pathology services it is essential to build in measures that facilitate translational research."

The endorsement from the Royal College of Pathologists reads:
"The College aims to advance the science and practice of pathology for the benefit of the public to provide public education, to promote research in pathology and to disseminate the results."