BAC Discretionary Research Fund

The BAC is keen to assist its members and has developed a funding opportunity supporting research, development and audit in cytopathology. A discretionary fund will be available for the financial year 2015-2016. The intention is to allow the BAC to promote research activity within Cytopathology by providing some “pump-priming” type support to small, short term specific research studies, which are not otherwise funded, with a particular emphasis on producing direct clinical and social care impact.

This money cannot be allocated to service evaluations or to supplement resource shortfalls. Examples of support might include purchase of equipment, payment of laboratory/analysis costs, research staff sessions etc.

This funding will be for a single allocation of up to £5000 in total and can be used to fund a full study or support an initial pump priming of a larger study depending on the application made andrequirements. Only one project would be funded each year.

Applications will be limited to BAC members.

Allocated once a year following a call out from council with a 3 month closing date.

Each bid must be signed by the Chief Investigator/Supervisor, be submitted in typed format using the attached pro-forma and should briefly outline the study background, aim(s), methodology and a detailed breakdown of how the money will be spent to support the study. Successful bids, in due course, will be required to demonstrate how the money has supported research activity.

Applications will be made in writing outlining the proposed study including aims objectives and methodology and time frame for completion (it should be no more than 18 months from start to finish).

The application should outline the benefits associated with the study.

The application should detail any costs including staff, consumables and equipment. The BAC will expect all copies of invoices associated with expenditure.

The application should state the name with a short CV of the chief investigator (CI). All collaborative partners should be named and their grade and employer stated. 

The application will also assure the BAC that proper governance will be sought and approval from both employing authority and ethical approval board, if appropriate.

On completion of the study either a publication for the AC journals Cytopathology or an article for SCAN is expected. A poster presentation will be expected for display at a BAC conference.

Following the closing date for applications a panel from the BAC will consider and mark the applications and within 2 months the successful applicants will be notified. External advice may be sought if required to help assess and monitor any proposal.

Applications will be assessed on the following criteria:
• 1. Scientific merit. 40%
• 2. Relevance to development of Cytopathology. 20%
• 3. Potential to develop into larger research projects. 20%
• 4. Value for money. 20%

Scientific merit should include relevance to health (diagnosis, prognosis & treatment)
At the end of each 6 month period the CI will be required to submit a progress report and at the end of the study a final report of their findings.

If the study is funded, and then should cease, the BAC may look to reclaim some/all of the monies paid out up to that point unless good reasons can be provided as to why the study had to stop.

Members will see the forms as downloadable on this page