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Pathology-wide Research Attitudes Survey for NCRI

A request has been received on behalf of Dr Bridget S Wilkins (Consultant Histopathologist NCRI Pathology Engagement Lead and ECMC Cellular and Molecular Pathology Networking Group Chair) as outlined below.

Cellular Pathology has declined remarkably as an academic discipline within clinical medicine in the last 15-20 years, as you may be aware of the decline in academic pathology posts identified in annual medical school surveys from 2001-2013. This has been noted by funders of clinical research (see NCRI report ‘Fostering the Role of Pathology in Research’ 2009) as being highly detrimental to the progress of translational studies – an issue of particular importance in light of the current desire to develop stratified medicine (and companion diagnostic) approaches at a fast pace. Cellular Pathology is also at risk of being left behind in the exciting development of molecular pathology as a diagnostic science.

A proposal is currently being developed to pump-prime reinvigoration of academic endeavour in Cellular Pathology through coordination of activities and strategic oversight. NCRI has expressed that it is receptive to hearing this proposal, to consider providing funds, and has engaged with interest in discussions to date.

When fully developed, the proposal for CM-Path will be submitted to the NCRI funders in June, for consideration of providing 5 years’ financial support for its executive roles. To inform development of the proposal, we wish to survey current attitudes towards research among the Cellular Pathology consultant community as a whole. We are therefore writing, via RCPath, subspecialist societies and interpretative EQA scheme organisers, to ask you to help us by completing a brief questionnaire, which should only take a few minutes of your time. Please follow the link to the Survey Monkey questionnaire as shown below.

If you receive this request from several sources, please only complete the questionnaire once!

The survey will close at 5pm on Friday 22nd May

Thank you very much for taking part.

Bridget Wilkins

Dr Bridget S Wilkins, Consultant Histopathologist
NCRI Pathology Engagement Lead and 
ECMC Cellular and Molecular Pathology Networking Group Chair