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Scotland Announces Primary HPV Cervical Screening decision

A press release issued today indicates that Scotland will introduce Primary HPV Screening within the Scottish CSP for an expected delivery date of 2019-20

The decision will be a positive move for the women of Scotland. Scotland has had ongoing planning for a while, with relevant parties involved and the BAC understand that plans are well developed for the actual introduction of Primary HPV screening in Scotland.

The statement suggests that Primary HPV screening was introduced in England in 2016, which is inaccurate. The six English Pilot sites have been looking at the issues related to Primary HPV screening, and whilst the decision to move across the whole of England was announced in 2016, work is still ongoing as to  how this  will be done.

The plans for the introduction of Primary HPV CSP in England appear to have stalled, and it now appears that more discussions are required  about options for delivery, despite PHE having already indicated possible delivery models. The CSP in England is currently struggling to deliver the CSP as is shown by mounting backlogs and increasing turnaround times. The BAC is working with other bodies to try and ensure a speedy decision for England to allow for a delivery that will minimise problems to women and also allow laboratories and all others involved in the CSP to plan and implement the Primary HPV screening programme.