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BAC Code of Practice for Cervical Cytology Laboratories (2015) – 2017 update

Revised edition replaces the 2015 version

The BAC recommended code of practice for cytology laboratories participating in the UK cervical screening programmes was extensively revised and updated 2015, bringing together wide-ranging guidance into a single comprehensive document relevant to all working in cervical cytology laboratories in the UK, with information presented in a logical and accessible format. As most information is accessible via the internet, the focus has been on providing up to date electronic links throughout to guidance documents for ease of reference. It was intended that this format would allow for regular updating.

The introduction of primary HPV testing is likely to result in significant changes to Cervical Screening Programmes and cytology laboratories’ scope, repertoire, organisation and staffing. Nevertheless, currently, the guidance referenced in the Code of Practice remains relevant.  This 2017 revision of the code of practice therefore is unchanged with respect its guidance and recommendations but electronic links to relevant websites and guidance have been updated. This 2017 update should replace 2015 version 2.