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English Primary HPV engagement event update

Over the last few weeks NHSE have been undertaking four engagement events around England, and meeting many laboratory based staff. 

We are aware that many issues have been raised, not all of which seem to have immediate answers. NHSE have released the following statement, issued by Alison Cowie (Senior Programme Lead, NHS England - Public Health Commissioning Central Team Primary Care Delivery and Public Health Commissioning) which reads:

NHS England remains committed to implementing HPV primary screening by December 2019. As is usual after a market engagement exercise, we are reflecting on the feedback we have received; we may convene a further engagement event before the end of June to be sure we have captured the breadth of views. Therefore, further information about our procurement process will be made available before the end of July.

The BAC, along with other professional bodies, will again lobby and input into this process and try to help ensure a thought through and safe introduction to pHPV cervical screening  in England. We are aware that many questions need answering, and hopefully we will have more news on the NHSE process, and also practical advice for staff in the very near future.