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Cytopathology - October edition

The October Edition of Cytopathology (Vol 29, issue 5) is now available to review online with print copies following soon

This edition features a state-of-the-art, informative review by D. C. Malheiros et al which outlines the main causes of false positive diagnoses in thyroid FNA and gives guidance as to how we can avoid these pitfalls and mistakes.

Continuing on a thyroid theme, E. D. Rossi and colleagues present an algorithmic approach to thyroid nodule aspirates, utilising, in addition to morphology, ancillary techniques, including immunocytochemistry (ICC) and molecular testing to assess the risk of malignancy.

Original articles highlight the positive contribution of cytology to a range of diagnostic scenarios: how effective FNA can be as a method for obtaining cellular material for papillary and chromophobe renal cancers; the value of HPV testing of lymph node FNAs from patients with oropharyngeal carcinoma; and the utility of aquaporin?1 (AQP?1) immunoexpression in cell blocks of pleural effusions from patients with Fluoro?Edenite induced pleural malignant mesothelioma.

The efficacy of rapid prescreening and 100% rapid review as internal quality control methods for cervical cytopathology is demonstrated in an original article from Brazil. M. Rohilla et al describe their experience in applying the Paris system (TPS) to urine cytology in their tertiary centre, reporting that TPS increased the atypical cases, and reclassifying many low grade urothelial cancers as high grade or atypical.

This month’s issue also includes several fascinating case reports of rare lesions, and there are opportunities to test your cytological skills in the Enigma Portal, featuring the diagnostic challenges of EBUS of a mediastinal lesion, neoplasms with cytoplasmic vacuoles, an unusual scalp lump and a testicular lesion.

As well as reading your print copy, please visit the Cytopathology website (link below), where new articles are available for “Early View” and there is access to “Virtual Issues”. Cytopathology welcomes submission of high quality original articles relating to those aspects of cytology which increase our knowledge and understanding of the aetiology, diagnosis and management of human disease (full instructions on the website). The editorial team also encourages BAC members interested in peer review to get in touch