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NHSE update on Primary HPV procurement processes

NHSE update on progress with the procurement of laboratory services to support the delivery of HPV primary testing within the NHS Cervical Screening Programme

"Bidders were advised whether they were successful or unsuccessful via a letter sent to them on the Procurement Portal today (Friday 12th April).  A 10 day Standstill Period has now commenced and will end at Midnight on the 23rd April 2019.  Bidders are expected to keep the outcome of the procurement process confidential until informed otherwise by NHS England.

Bidders for Lot 1 (London) were informed via the Procurement Portal on 10th April 2019 that the approval for the outcome of the lot will not be achieved in time to inform bidders on 12th April 2019 as planned.  Bidders for this lot will be kept updated as to when notification is expected.

Following conclusion of the 10 day Standstill Period, NHS England will contact the preferred Bidders to agree the communication of their appointment to be the provider for each lot.  We will then contact you to advise the outcome of the procurement"