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Cytopathology journal - May 2019 edition

The May issue of Cytopathology is now available online (vol 30, issue 3) and the print issue will be with members soon

It includes an interesting variety of articles with something for everyone. The issue opens with an excellent, comprehensive review by Cuschieri, Schuurman & Coughlan, "Ensuring quality in cervical screening programmes based on molecular human papillomavirus testing" which outlines quality considerations and challenges with an emphasis on laboratory aspects, including assay and platform validation, internal quality control selection and strengths and weaknesses of external quality assurance schemes.

Eeva Liikanen presents results of questionnaire exploring the range of work, in addition to screening, undertaken by cytotechnologists in Finland.

Other original articles investigate cytomorphological aspects of immunoglobulin G4?related pleural lesions, primary anaplastic lymphoma kinase?positive lung cancer, paediatric soft tissue tumours and the detection of giardia in duodenal biopsy material.

There is a selection of fascinating case reports of diverse entities rarely diagnosed on cytology including synovial sarcoma, mammary analogue carcinoma, atypical polypoid adenomyoma and poorly differentiated thyroid carcinoma with plasma cell morphology.

For those wishing to test their knowledge, this month’s Enigma portal presents two interesting infections.

Please visit the Cytopathology website where new articles are available for “Early View” and there is access to “Virtual Issues” on ROSE and HPV testing. Cytopathology welcomes submission of high quality original articles relating to those aspects of cytology which increase our knowledge and understanding of the aetiology, diagnosis and management of human disease (full instructions on the website). The editorial team also would also like to invite BAC members interested in peer review to get in touch