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Update on pHPV laboratory provision for England- statement from NHSE

The BAC was represented at a recent meeting held by NHSE along with the RCPath, IBMS, NHSI and PHE

This was an opportunity for all parties to touch base on the current state of pHPV provision and roll out in the English cervical screening programme, and how it impacts on laboratories and laboratory staff in particular.

The BAC, along with the other bodies, raised issues and concerns, some highlighted by members, and the statement issued by NHSE following this meeting is downloadable as a PDF. It is hoped that the statement will help clarify issues and provide assistance to both laboratories and their staff as well as commissioners in this period of great change.

It reiterates the desire of NHSE, working with NHSI and the reconfiguration of Pathology services across England, to try and retain any laboratory staff displaced as part of the roll out of pHPV. 

These staff have valuable skills that can be harnased and used elsewhere.

The need for a robust, reliable IT infrastructure is essential to the running of the CSP, and this statement highlights changes relating to the service run by Capita and the decision to bring cervical screening administrative services back under direct NHS control.

We note that Scotland has recently delayed roll out of its pHPV service for several months due to delays in its IT delivery.

It is vital that the IT needs of the CSP in England are delivered and work. Changes in the governance arrangements in the CSP in England reflect a shake up of structures, partly prompted by several high profile reports recently, including those from Parliament and Professor Mike Richards. 

We will continue to share any news on the roll out of pHPV across the UK as and when we can.