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Administrative errors detected in the cervical screening programme while it was managed by Capita

An update from NHS England and NHS Improvement issued 18th September

"Today we have written to women affected by a further incident that came to light regarding the Cervical Screening programme provided by Capita. Below is some core briefing information on the incident.

Capita notified us that due to an administration error, emails and letters sent to them relating to cervical screening were delayed or not processed correctly.

These pieces of correspondence relating to screening were not processed as they should have been. A full review found the vast majority of these unprocessed items were correctly handled through another route, as part of the NHS Cervical Screening fail safes that are in place, but four women missed an invitation to attend their appointment.

Those who did experience delay and who need an invitation for screening have been contacted and will be able to access support from their local GP, who have also been contacted.

There are also 48 women who requested to be removed from the programme, but that request was not actioned. These requests have now been processed and the women concerned have been contacted to apologise for the delay.

There is no current evidence that this incident has led to any harm. The advice from Public Health England is that the risk posed by the delay in sending these letters remains low in the context of the development of cervical cancer, which takes place over many years.

Capita has issued a full apology for this incident.

Capita have been stripped of their responsibilities for cervical screening administration, and the transition to inhouse service has happened"