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ACCEA Applications 2020 round

The BAC is able to support a limited number of members' new and renewal applications

The BAC Clinical Excellence Award Panel, which I chair,  would be very pleased to receive your application. If you are applying for a national CEA this year, please note that the ACCEA application opening date is 13th March 2020 but you can find information and the application form from 20th February 2020.

The ACCEA submission deadline will be 5pm 7th May 2020.  If you wish seek BAC support we will need you to have your completed applications online by April 5th 2020 so we can rank and complete citations in a timely manner.

Please ensure that the documents below are sent to Dr Paul Cross, BAC President, by email by the BAC deadline of 5th April 2020:

1.   Completed application form/s (CVQ) within character count for each section 

2.   Completed citation (maximum 1350 characters including spaces)

The authoritative source of information for the scheme in England and Wales is the website of the Advisory Committee on Clinical Excellence Awards (ACCEA) at:

The 2020 application forms can be found at:

Good luck with your application!

Dr Paul Cross

BAC President