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The Art of being Brilliant

BAC commisioned Webinar, 1-2.30pm Friday 5th June 2020

In these times of great uncertainty we have all had to look at doing things differently and training via webinars is one of these changes - the world is going that way whether we like it or not, and BAC have decided to embrace it!

We are delighted to bring you details of this unique webinar which BAC have commissioned and can be accessed for free.

Lots of us in cytology, and pathology in general, are probably a million miles away from feeling as great as they could right now.

In cytology we’ve certainly been through a few years of unprecedented change and turmoil with the implementation of HPV primary screening, and just as many of us thought we were settling down to new roles, ways and patterns of working, along came COVID-19 and turned us all upside down again.

And now we’re being asked to demonstrate how we can just bounce back and restore our services to business as usual, so this webinar will show us how to have ‘bouncebackability‘ and be able to deliver ‘business as unusual’ using the ‘art of being brilliant’.

The ‘Art of being Brilliant’ specialises in training and development to make you a more positive, motivated, and brilliant person. In short, they will remind you how to be your best self!

If you are interested in access for the webinar, which is free of charge, please email the BAC office and the meeting details can be sent.