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BAC seeks Editor-in-Chief for Cytopathology

Cytopathology is the official journal of the BAC and is essential reading for cytopathologists, cytotechnologists, and clinicians using the cytology service

Cytopathology publishes articles relating to those aspects of cytology which will increase our knowledge and understanding of the aetiology, diagnosis and management of human disease.

It contains original articles and reviews on all aspects of clinical cytology in its broadest sense, including gynaecological and non-gynaecological cytology, fine needle aspiration and screening strategy.

The journal welcomes articles on ultrastructural, histochemical and immunocytochemical studies of the cell, quantitative cytology and DNA hybridization as applied to cytological material.

The Editor-in-Chief has the overall responsibility for managing the content and direction of Cytopathology, supported by the wider editorial team. The role involves working in close collaboration with the editorial team, Wiley (the Publisher) and the BAC, and comes with an honorarium and a travel grant.

The current Editor-in-Chief Professor Michael Sheaff will step down at the end of 2020 and the BAC are therefore looking to appoint a new Editor-in-Chief who would ideally work alongside Professor Sheaff for 2-3 months and then take over full editorial control at the start of 2021. The Editor-in-Chief will be appointed for three years in the first instance with the option of a further term by mutual consent.

Applications from two people who would work as a joint or similar EiC will be considered if both individuals apply jointly, providing the information outlined below. Both persons in this situation must be willing to work jointly in this role