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Risk adapted triage for cancer screening - webinar

Eurogin 2021 pre-conference international webinar series starting 12th February

EUROGIN (European Research Organisation on Genital Infection and Neoplasia), the key congress bringing together clinicians and scientists in the genital infections and neoplasia field, is proud to invite BAC members to join in our free-of-charge webinar series.

EUROGIN regularly invite world class experts to address current knowledge and new developments on HPV driven cancers - all for free, from the comfort of your home, clinic, or lab.

Join our live webinar with Jack Cuzick (UK) who will present on Risk adapted triage for cancer screening, followed by a Q&A session.

Webinar information

There are no clear factors for deciding who to screen for cervix cancer, other than previous abnormalities and the results of an initial test.

The initial test can be either cytology or HPV testing. As we are moving towards primary HPV testing the focus here will be on the risk of disease based on a primary HPV test, how this can be refined by doing different triage tests.

These include HPV genotyping, cytology, methylation, and p16 in a liquid-based sample. Algorithms for how best to employ these (depending on what is routinely available) will be discussed.