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IPVS Educational Webinar Series 2021

HPV Latency is it real and does it matter? 

International Papillomavirus Society (IPVS) webinar on 17th February

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Epidemiology studies have shown intermittent detection of the same HPV type occurs in some women.

In addition, women that report celibacy have been shown to have incident infections. These observations have brought into question the role of latency vs new cervical infections from either a partner or autoinoculation.

Data will be presented that show the strong association with sexual behavior and repeat detection. Clinical data shows that a positive HPV cervical cancer screening test preceded by a negative test is associated with very little risk of CIN 3+ suggesting these are new infections. However, this also suggests that if this is a latent infection, clinically it may not be relevant as well. Data will be shown that intermittent positive tests over prolonged periods, however, do represent risk of CIN 3+ in the rare case.

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