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BAC Spring Tutorial 2021 - case study

In advance of the BAC Spring Tutorial on Friday 26th March, as case for your consideration

50yo male patient, smoker (20 cig/day x 30 yrs), without relevant medical history, who came to the emergency room with left lumbar pain radiating to the genitals, constitutional syndrome and weight loss of 20lbs.

Imaging studies showed multiple lymph node conglomerates in left supraclavicular, mesenteric and retroperitoneal region, with hepatomegaly and spleen at the upper limit of normality.

He was admitted to Internal Medicine with high suspicion of a lymphoproliferative process with concomitant pulmonary disease. An ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration (USFNA) by interventional pathologist was performed on the supraclavicular nodule, including ROSE.