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2016 Healthcare Science Awards

Information about the 2016 Healthcare Science Awards including details of the categories and how to apply

The Chief Scientific Officer’s national conference and the 2016 Healthcare Science Awards are the highlight of the year for all healthcare scientists, being held on 29 February and 1 March this year.

This event is a celebration of the incredible contribution healthcare scientists make to patient care every day and the Awards, held on the evening  of 29 February, are the highlight of the conference.

This year is the 10th year of the Healthcare Science awards and we have seven exciting award categories that you can nominate or be nominated for:

The Award categories

  • Healthcare Scientist of the Year
  • Healthcare Science Rising Stars  (Life Sciences, Physiological,  Medical Physics And Clinical Engineering,  Bioinformatics)
  • Innovation in Scientific Services
  • Improving Quality and Efficiency through Workforce Transformation
  • Healthcare Science STEM Engagement
  • Healthcare Science Provider Organisation
  • Healthcare Science Patient and Public Participation

We are inviting nominations (for yourself, another individual or group/team) from any and all healthcare scientists who you feel have made an exceptional contribution over their career to date. Please share widely with your colleagues and networks.