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BAC ASM 2021 - speaker profile

We continue our profile of the speakers at ASM 2021 with a focus on Hedley Glencross


Hedley Glencross



Lecture Overview

Update on the relaunch of SCAN as an educational and discussion section of Cytopathology. Introduce the editorial group and outline the way forward for SCAN as a cytotechnologist led initiative


Recently retired cytotechnologist and recently appointed associate editor for SCAN. 44-year career in biomedical science, predominately as a cytologist, but has also worked for IBMS in membership and examinations.

Currently Executive Committee member BAC, previously IBMS Council member and Specialist Advisor for Cytopathology. Retirement will provide the opportunity to devote more time to a project to develop and introduce a cervical screening programme into the Republic of Moldova, as well as leading on SCAN.

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