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Diagnostic Histopathology

A forthcoming mini-symposium in the journal Diagnostic Histopathology has a theme of Cytopathology

This has been guest edited by Dr Paul Cross, ex-President of the BAC and a key figure in British cytology for many years.

The journal is primarily aimed at medical trainees and the articles below have been written with this audience in mind but will also be of use to those biomedical scientists with, or interested in working towards, the Diploma in Expert Practice or Advanced Specialist Diploma in Non-gynaecological Cytology.

The authors (all BAC members) and publisher have kindly agreed for their personal full-text links to be shared with the wider BAC membership. These will open full text versions of the articles. Please note that the links are time-limited and will cease to work 50 days after online publication. The “end-dates” are included below the links.

We hope you find them useful.

An algorithmic approach to diagnostic cytopathology specimens

  • Maria Buttice,
  • Josephine Wright,
  • Ashish Chandra

Published online: September 08, 2021

Link will cease to work October 28, 2021

A summary of recent international standardised reporting systems in cytopathology

  • Yurina Miki,
  • Holly White,
  • David Shelton,
  • David Poller,
  • Ashish Chandra

Published online: September 14, 2021

Link will cease to work November 3, 2021

Cytopathology in the diagnosis, treatment and management of malignant respiratory disease

  • Anthony Maddox

Published online: September 10, 2021

Link will cease to work October 31, 2021