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Tom Giles, a member of BAC executive, has just completed the London Marathon!

This is the first marathon that Tom has undertaken since being diagnosed with a serious heart disease, dilated cardiomyopathy.

The nature of this disease was brought home to him when he met a fellow runner during the marathon who had received a heart transplant for the same condition.

Dr Giles at the finish line!

The advice from my cardiologists was to undertake exercise, but I am not quite sure they believed I would really do this. Now they are delighted with my recovery

Tom is supporting the charity Cardiomyopathy UK. This provides support and information for patients and families affected by cardiomyopathy as well as training events for health care professionals. Whilst a relatively common condition, affecting 1 in 500 people, it is still relatively little known amongst many medical staff. Tom has demonstrated how maintaining a positive attitude can help people live far better lives.

To support Tom in this and further challenges (the marathon is only the start!) please visit his website below.