Maximising the benefit of fine needle aspiration in head and neck: specimen management and the role of ROSE

Joint events took place with the RCR to deliver education about the benefits and practicalities of head and neck ROSE

We are pleased to report that Vimeo links are now available from the three training sessions

Session 1


Provide trainee radiologists with an insight into the values of ROSE and evidence for adoption of best practice

  • Importance of FNA preparation and preservation
  • To aid service improvements – sample quality and diagnostic potential / implementation of ROSE US clinics
  • Professional learning – Supporting radiologists and radiographers to work collaboratively across specialities to streamline head and neck pathways

Vimeo link to Session 1

Session 2


  • Provide trainee radiologists with an insight how to optimally preserve cytology FNA samples
  • The importance of relevant clinical / radiological information
  • Pathologies in head and neck

Vimeo link to Session 2

Session 3


  • Lymphoma in head and neck cytology
  • Implementation of ROSE US FNA clinic
  • Business case planning

Vimeo link to Session 3

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