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The regional society groups listed below are those that were known of at the formation of the BAC, and we are aware need updating with up to date contacts required. If you have information that can be used to update this section, or are involved in an active regional group, please do let us know contacting Jean below, or via the BAC email address. 

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Cytology Society Of The North Of England & North Wales

Inaugural Meeting May 1971. Affiliated 1972

The Society stemmed from a cytology discussion group started by Ruby Smith (now Bean) in October 1970. The group met each month on a week day evening at St. Mary's Hospital, Manchester and was so successful that there were many enquiries about broadening the scope of these meetings so that they could be attended by those living outside Manchester. This provided a nucleus of interested pathologists and technicians to attend the inaugural meeting which was convened by Dr. E. Butler, Professor F. A. Langley and Dr. R. Yule. The Society was then called the North West Association of Clinical Cytologists, but as members came from all over the North of England and North Wales, the name was changed in 1978, to the Cytology Society of the North of England and North Wales.

The Officers consist of Convenor, Vice-Convenor and BAC Representative elected for a three year period

Cytology Society Of The South West And South Wales

Inaugural meeting, 7th November 1970. Affiliated May 1973.

The Society meetings are held twice a year on a Saturday. These meetings are well attended by all grades of staff involved in cytology laboratories throughout the region. On several occasions there have been as many as 150 members present, but usually the attendance is about 100.

The executive work of the Society is carried out by the Secretary and Treasurer. Dr. Elizabeth Mackenzie retired in December 1994, having served as Secretary since the inception of the Society. Dr. Karin Denton was appointed as her successor and served for 5 years before being replaced by Dr Lynne Hirschowitz who served for three years, 2001-2003, after Karin stood down. Mr. A. Evered has now taken over as Honorary Secretary.

In addition, there is a committee consisting of the two main officers, three co-opted members which include the Regional Representative, Sponsorship Secretary and Training Representative plus six members who serve for three years (two members retire each year)

Irish Society For Clinical Cytology

Inaugural Meeting 1986. Affiliated 1988.

The IACC was founded in 1986 and affiliated to the BAC in 1988, to IAC in 1996 and EFCS in 1996. The association has 100 members, both pathologists and medical scientists, from Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK. The 2000 Annual Scientific Meeting was held in Galway and was attended by over 70 delegates. 

Midland Cytology Society

Inaugural Meeting December 1971. Affiliated May 1972

The first meeting of the Midland Cytology Society was convened by Miss M E Attwood, who served as Secretary to the Society for over twenty-one years. The original committee of six members has been increased and has representation from Cytoscreeners, MLSOs and Pathologists.

Committee members are elected and serve for a period of three years with two members retiring every year. A chairperson is also elected every three years and to date there have been nine.

Meetings are held bi-annually, on a week day basis, usually commencing at 10.30 a.m. and ending at 3.30 p.m., with the AGM forming part of one of these meetings. Locations for meetings range from Nottingham in the North East to Hereford in the South West.

The programme always contains a variety of papers, discussions and lectures covering different fields in order to interest as many members as possible. Members are encouraged to speak by presenting projects or interesting cases and the Society provides a friendly atmosphere and training ground for the new speaker.

North East Metropolitan & East Anglian Cytology Society

Inaugural meeting, February 15th, 1972. Affiliated September 1972.

The inaugural meeting was held at St. Bartholomew's Hospital, London and Dr Gordon Canti elected Chairman. The Society holds two meetings a year, which are always well attended. Venues vary, each meeting usually being hosted by a different member hospital. We aim to provide meeting programmes which are of interest and appeal to as many members of the Society as possible.

Through membership of the Society, laboratories are kept up-to-date with the latest BAC news and information.

Unfortunately the NEMEACS is not holding meetings at the moment but if you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact the secretary or regional representative or if you prefer the BAC Honourable Secretary.

North Eastern Cytology Society

Inaugural meeting, May 1983. Affiliated 1983.

This Society was established to provide for those who were unable to travel to attend meetings of the Cytology Society of the North of England and North Wales. The inaugural meeting was held in May 1983 and the first scientific business meeting was held in October 1983.

Scottish Association For Clinical Cytology

Inaugural meeting April 1972, Affiliated May 1972.

This was formed in 1972 under the Chairmanship of Dr. Helena Hughes. The Association retains its original format with a Council of six members, a Treasurer, Secretary and Chairman, each holding office for three years. Two meetings are held each year. In November the meeting is held in or around Glasgow. This meeting has a guest lecturer and usually follows a theme. The meeting in May is held at a hospital in another area and members papers are encouraged and entries for the Shandon prize competition are judged. A seminar based on circulated slides also forms part of this group.

South East Regional Society For Clinical Cytology

Inaugural meeting, January 1971. Affiliated January 1972

Informal meetings had been held in the South East region from 1967, and an inaugural meeting was convened by Hannah Barnett in January 1971. Officers for the Regional Society were appointed at a meeting hosted by Brighton in October 1971. Unlike other regional societies this society has a Chairman in addition to the Secretary and Regional Representative. Meetings are held in the Spring and Autumn of each year and include slide seminars lectures demonstrations and workshops.

Secretary/Regional Representative:

Unfortunately there are currently no meetings of the South East Society and no secretary or regional representative. If you have any queries please contact the BAC Secretary.

Southern Cytology Society

Inaugural meeting November 8th 1971. Affiliated 1972.

From 1967 Cytology meetings were held at St. Helier Hospital, Carshalton, for laboratories in the area. An informal meeting of technical staff was held during the Annual Scientific Meeting of the British Association for Cytopathology in September1971 to discuss the possibility of forming a regional Society. Following this, the inaugural meeting was convened by J. Sims and E. Turner. Dr. M. Levene became the first chairman of the Society.

The Society is run by an elected committee with Saturday meetings held twice a year at different centres within the region. Each meeting has invited expert speakers with lectures on gynaecological and diagnostic cytopathology, management issues and other topics of more general interest. In addition, proffered papers from local members are encouraged.

The AGM is held at the autumn meeting together with reports from sponsored meeting delegates presenting their reports.

Thames Valley Cytology Society

Inaugural meeting, February 14th 1972. Affiliated June 1972.

The first meeting was convened by Professor Erica Wachtel, J.G. Bates was elected as the first Chairman and Anne Morse as Secretary/Treasurer.

The membership is drawn from 25 hospitals including teaching hospitals and district general hospitals and is served by an executive committee consisting of 8 biomedical Scientists, 1 cytoscreener and 3 medical members. Three midweek meetings and an occasional Saturday meeting are held during the year each hosted by members from hospitals within and outside London.

Programmes cover all aspects of cytopathology, with particular themes chosen for a meeting. In addition emphasis is placed on current issues of concern to all cytologists. Guest speakers are regularly invited to provide outside expertise in clinical end technical fields with the opportunity for valuable discussion in an informal atmosphere.

A regular newsletter is Sent to all members keeping them up to date with Society events.

Encouragement is also given to Society members to present papers and interesting cases. The Society provides a friendly training ground for new speakers. Meetings are attended by a mixed audience of Biomedical Scientists, Cytoscreeners and Medical members and as such are able to provide continuing education units for all those registered in their respective schemes.